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Loveland Rowing was founded in 2016, to promote the sport of rowing to Loveland and the surrounding communities. LVR rows on Boyd Lake from May-October.


derecho 2020


Dear rowers and supporters,

June 8, 2020, an unusually ferocious storm tossed one of our racks with five attached boats in the air, flipping the whole thing over, landing our eight person sweep boat on top of the heap.  It must have been a sight when it happened.  We have insurance, but it is not covering all the costs it will take to recover.  Since the boats are old and have lots of experience, it's very possible that everything will be declared a total loss.

Members of Loveland Rowing are determined to rebuild.  In the hopes of getting a bit of financial help, we created a GoFundMe campaign . The storm and resulting damage is described there in more detail if you are interested.  

We greatly appreciate your support!


The morning after

Assessing the damage.

Loveland Rowing




Learn To Row

Join Us and Learn to Row

If you've always wanted to row come join us for class! LTR is typically on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Due to recent restrictions and concerns with Covid-19 we will be scheduling LTR when it is safe to do so.  RSVP's will be required for registration. Happy Rowing!

Club Rowing

Weekly Group Rowing

LVR meets for recreational rowing along with organized coached rows. Get in touch if you are interested in joining us!


“Rowers do more before 8am than most people do all day.”

“The oars gave me power, but also taught me humility.”


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Boyd Lake State Park, Mussel Beach, 4430 N N Co Rd 11C, Loveland, CO 80538, USA


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